Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Art and Science of Middle Management

The Middle Manager as Artist.  

Organizational challenges rarely present themselves as pristine, clearly articulated problems. They are often messy, confusing, and obtuse.  They have no real form except as disconnected elements requiring order.  

The Art of Middle Management is to apply creativity in solutioning, to look beyond the 'tried and true' and seek a way to bring all the parts together in an elegant composition.   In this way, the Middle Manager is an Artist. 

When a Middle Managers takes the time to assess the emotional impact of work, they are artists.

Symmetry of Art and Science

The Middle Manager as Scientist.

Gathering data, assembling project plans and outlines, testing propositions, developing structure, and engaging the hard work of thinking are the scientific elements of Middle Management.  

The Science of Middle Management is to make the pieces fit together, bringing order out of chaos, reducing complexity, and ensuring a complete and thorough solution. 

In this work, a Middle Manager is a Scientist.  When a Middle Manager applies good psychology to help their teams survive and thrive, they are scientists.

Effective Middle Managers are both Artists and Scientists in pursuit of organizational goals.  

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  1. Great post Dr. Bohn. Middle Managers seem to be often overlooked in the organizational scheme.