Thursday, November 21, 2013

People Management is Energy Management!

I'm always astonished by the standard corporate meeting: hours upon hours of the same one-way communications, with little to no break in style, leaving most participants exhausted. 

Ultimately, the approach does not inspire.  It drains energy, both physically and mentally ...

If I see another powerpoint slide, I'll scream ...

Other energy drainers include ineffective conference call leaders, meetings without an agenda or purpose, and analytical sessions without structure (Think process mapping without a goal.)

Effective Leaders know how to manage team energy, how to build team energy, how to store team energy, how to tap team energy, and how to restore team energy.   People get tired!  They will give and give and give, but ultimately, they will tire, because there are physical limitations to even the strongest participants.  

Bright managers know when to pull back, when to support, when to push hard ... like sports coaches, the really good ones know when people have had enough. 

Take breaks - allow people to regroup, check email, and refresh.  They will appreciate your awareness and they will participate more effectively knowing someone is interested not only in their participation, but also interested in their well-being.

Manage the energy of your team and you will be respected, admired, and most of all, you will get things done with enough energy for next time!

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