Saturday, March 30, 2013

My # 5 Change Management Principle: Trust

We've reviewed four of my principles for effective change management.  We come to the fifth and final principle.

All change builds or destroys trust.

This principle sounds stern, perhaps even harsh, but in my experience, it's true.   

Think about it for a moment:

At different points in the history of your organizations, you've experienced changes that built confidence and changes that eroded confidence in leadership.   You have felt a sense of leadership interest in the welfare of people and the interest of the organization, or you didn't sense it.

Thought trust is a delicate thing which is easily broken, it is also powerful element of influence in organizations. 

Think about it for a moment: 

If you sense that someone has your best interest in mind, and you see evidence of care and thoughtfulness, your trust increases, but if you sense something is not right, your trust decreases.

Trust is a motivator like no other.  When people trust their leaders during a time of change, they are inclined to add their own energies to the task. 

All change demonstrates the level of organization's interest in the welfare of their employees, even in situations where the change may run counter to employee expectations. 

Trust is built through ...

  1. Clear explanations of the rationale for the change
  2. Constant and consistent communication of change progress
  3. Training to help employees learn the new process or program
  4. Support that helps people when they're challenged because of the change
  5. Recognition of the extra effort people put in to make the change happen
  6. Removing ineffective team members

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