Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wasting your investment in Team Building

So you've ...
  1. browsed the catalogues for team building exercises
  2. found an 'exotic' location for a team building session
  3. booked the flights
  4. booked the hotel rooms
  5. paid for the catering
  6. brought your team together
  7. took pictures of all the goofy, crazy and unusual activity you shared and then ...
you, and everyone else on the team, forgot all about it a few days later. 

Why waste that investment?

Team Building exercises only have value IF they are integrated into the fabric of the organization going forward.

Let's back up a bit!

  1. How will this investment truly build my team?  Too often managers let HR leaders select the exercises their teams will participate in, without truly considering the immediate and long-term impact! 
  2. How am I strategically placing people into groups where they will most benefit from the experiences and insights gathered through the stress of the exercise?
  3. MOST IMPORTANT!  What will I do every week, every month, every future meeting until I know - with certainty - that the investment of time, effort, energy ... embarrassment for some ... and dollars truly changed my organization. 
I am not averse to team building - but I believe it is critical that managers use every bit of the investment in a way that changes the behavior of the team for the good of the organization.  

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