Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fixing a Broken Team - Review

If you've missed some of my posts on Fixing a Broken Team, here's a summary:
  1. Lead with confidence, not with your ego.
  2. Build trust.
  3. Find out the true concerns of the team you're going to lead.  
  4. State the not-so-obvious - your group is a team.
  5. Find the naysayers and bring them to your point of view or neutralize them if necessary.
  6. Set the context – where people fit into the company.
  7. Set the vision – where the team can go.
  8. Let ‘em know what you’ve done in the past (with a bit of humility!)
  9. Set an expectation for excellence.
  10. Help and solve chronic problems – people must see evidence of leadership. 
  11. Put them on the map.
I have two more steps to share with you ... thanks for your participation!
Jim Bohn, Ph.D.

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