Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fixing a Broken Team - Part 4: What are people really concerned about?


When you sit down to listen to individual members, common themes will emerge.   I have found most often that people are looking for the very thing that they can’t get while they are underperforming: they want respect.  When a team is in turmoil, they often produce less and complain more.  The first thing you need to do is assure them that things can be changed, but it’s going to take work and probably some approaches they haven’t used before.   An honest appraisal of the situation is critical before you make promises of what will change. 
Your response to the team (after some serious listening).  “To build a reputation (and ultimately to gain respect) our team needs to demonstrate results in a way that are clear to the organization.” Oftentimes people can only see their local situation, and the needs of an executive to clearly see resource loading is not their concern.    

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