Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why is the organization called ProAxios?


When people hear the name of the organization, they inevitably ask "What does that mean?"

Pro, of course, is 'before' or ‘in front of’.
Axios is the ancient Greek word for “worthy”. 

Taken together, they mean to act before, in a worthy manner.  And it sounds a lot like Proaction, to take action to make something happen rather than being forced to react to something.

ProAxios is dedicated to solving issues before they become problems, and to solving problems before they are monumental, and often insurmountable challenges. 

Organizations need help to win today. Acting now can prevent losses of employee morale, customer satisfaction and profit.

What can we do for you? 
We help you transform your organization by improving the basics

ProAxios developed a Comprehensive Organizational improvement methodology of 6 CORE elements (includes organizational diagnostics and analytics) that lead to organizational improvement.    

We conduct Organizational Diagnostics and Analytics

We conduct diagnostics and provide analytical reports of organizational challenges around 6 CORE elements.

We provide significant Change Management Expertise

ProAxios has a thoroughly tested Comprehensive Change process and preparation for major initiatives including new policies, restructuring, M&A activity, and other changes.
We offer critical insights for IT System Change Preparation
ProAxios offers specific actions and preparations to ensure effective new system introduction saving you time, money and precious employee energy.

We provide Executive Coaching
Discussions at the executive level tapping into four decades of experience, with development of recommendations.
We provide Workshop Facilitation
You can address chronic organizational issues using an outside resource to conduct critical meetings.

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